Equipment and consumables
for wastewater treatment

Using Beseder Grease Trap Cleaner tablets is economical and environmentally friendly.

One of the methods used to improve the efficiency of grease traps is the use of special biological Beseder Grease Trap Cleaner tablets.

The use of grease traps with tablets is not only environmentally friendly but also economical.

Why economical?

Tablets allow you to remove fatty deposits and prevent their accumulation in the sewer, which reduces the risk of clogging the sewer and reduces the cost of maintenance of the system. Also, these tablets reduce unforeseen repair costs and associated production downtime.

At the same time, the use of grease trap tablets saves time and reduces the cost of manual cleaning of greasy plugs. This allows you to reduce labor costs, which increases the economic efficiency of production.

Why eco-friendly?

The use of grease traps with tablets contributes to the more efficient use of water resources. More efficient wastewater treatment improves the quality of water entering the sewer, which reduces the cost of water treatment at wastewater treatment plants.

And finally, why is the use of tablets in fat traps more effective than the use of liquid concentrates and powders?

In the grease trap, a constant flow of water intensively flushes out the liquid and powder-based microbes put into the grease trap.

And only the tablet has a large enough mass, and therefore remains inside the fat trap and continues to secrete microbes gradually and decompose fats and oils.

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