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Grease Trap Cleaner tablets

  • Scent: For grease trap
  • Recommended for use: grease trap cleaner tablets for cleaning commercial grease trap for restaurant
  • Working time: 12 Grease trap tablets – enough for six months of continuous work
  • Ease of use: add 1 tablet to the restaurant grease trap for regular keep the grease trap and sewer system running for 2 weeks
    Effective for grease trap cleaning and as non toxic drain cleaner, waste and grease digestant, oil degreaser, dissolve hair and paper, old fatbergs in pipes (when placed in grease traps for restaurants). High concentration: 2 billion CFU / g

  • Unlike liquid concentrates and powder, which with a strong stream of water drain from the grease trap into the sewer, the tablet continues grease trap treatment and drain maintenance treatment until it is completely dissolved
  • Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Grease traps are commonly used in a variety of settings, including private houses, restaurants, hotels, food service establishments, and food processing facilities.
In private houses, grease traps are typically installed in the kitchen to prevent fats, oils, and greases from entering the plumbing system and causing clogs.
Restaurants and food service establishments also rely heavily on grease traps to prevent blockages and comply with local regulations.
Hotels and other lodging facilities also utilize grease traps in their kitchens and food service areas.
Finally, food processing facilities and industrial kitchens also rely on grease traps to prevent environmental contamination and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
Overall, the use of grease traps is an essential component of maintaining a safe and efficient plumbing system in a range of settings.

Looking for a solution to maintain your commercial kitchen or food service establishment’s grease trap?

Look no further than Beseder Grease Trap Cleaner tablets, available for purchase in our online store!

Our tablets are specifically designed to break down and decompose grease, helping to prevent clogs and blockages in your grease trap. This not only keeps your kitchen running smoothly but also reduces the risk of expensive plumbing repairs.

But that’s not all – our tablets also effectively remove unpleasant odors, leaving your establishment smelling fresh and clean. And the best part? Beseder Grease Trap Cleaner tablets are safe to use in all types of grease traps and are environmentally friendly.

Each box contains 12 tablets, which are easy to drop into your grease trap. Say goodbye to manual cleaning methods and harmful chemicals and hello to an effortless and hassle-free solution for your grease trap maintenance.

Order now from TM BESEDER and enjoy a cleaner, odor-free kitchen today!

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