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Bio Capsules TM Beseder to improve the life of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Capsules produced by Beseder-WT based on bacteria have become a real breakthrough in the care of aquarium fish. Specially selected bacteria help fight fish waste and improve their quality of life by preventing disease and reducing mortality.

Studies have shown that mortality among fish is reduced by 30%.

The capsules are based on bacteria normally found in healthy waters. High Efficiency is achieved due to the high concentration of 2 billion CFU/g. Such a high concentration allows you to clean the aquarium of harmful bacteria within a week and protects the aquarium from the appearance of blue-green algae.

The introduction of bio capsules during water changes prevents the occurrence of pathogenic microbes.

The product has proven its effectiveness over time and with positive feedback from hundreds of customers and continues to delight its customers and their aquarium pets.

One of the main advantages of bacteria-based capsules is their safety for fish, plants, animals, and humans.

  Unlike other aquarium cleaning methods, pods minimize the need for water changes.

The capsules are safe, they do not contain any chemicals, so they can be used when the fish are inside the aquarium.

Water purification occurs gradually, approximately within a week, depending on the degree of contamination of the aquarium.

Ease of use and safety allows even a child to use them in the aquarium.

Therefore, bacteria-based capsules are a reliable and safe way to improve the quality of life of your fish and provide them with a comfortable living environment. They are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and have been proven to work for a long time. If you care about your fish, then bacteria-based capsules are what you need.

P.S. It is very important to know that during the use of the capsules, it is necessary to turn off the UV lamp. The contents of the capsules die under the action of the UV lamp.

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