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What is the principle of wastewater treatment in the grease trap under the sink?

A grease trap is a device that is used to purify water from fats, oils, and other lipids. It works based on the principle called the flotation method. It is based on the difference in density between different liquids or liquids and gases, which allows them to be separated from each other using flotation processes. ..

The main task is to keep the water and fat inside the grease trap as much as possible in order to give the fats and oils time to stay inside the grease trap.

To do this, it is important to ensure a sufficient length of the grease trap and the difference between the entrance to the grease trap and the point of the output of purified water from the grease trap.

It was made.

But at the same time, in the TM Beseder grease traps, our engineers arranged a kind of labyrinth of 3 sections for the flow of wastewater.

In the 1st section, the fat rises to the surface due to the lower density of fats and oils relative to the density of water (Archimedes’ law). For more effective wastewater treatment of grease, we strongly recommend that you regularly add biological Grease Trap Cleaner tablets from TM Beseder to this section.

Then the water through the lower holes (the lower the holes, the cleaner the water) goes to the second section, where solid particles settle. The baffle additionally separates the solid particles from the outlet pipe, which leads the wastewater out of the grease trap.

The lower the entrance to this pipe, the more pure water comes out. Technically pure water passes through all obstacles and exits the grease trap.

Periodically, fat and oil rising to the surface accumulate and form a hard crust on the surface, which must be removed, causing cesspools service.

But with regular use of Beseder Grease trap Cleaner bio tablets, there is practically no need to pump out accumulated fat.

Grease traps can be installed in kitchens in restaurants, cafes, and other food preparation areas to prevent grease and oils from clogging drains.

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